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We can work it out,
We can work it out.

Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend.


-Lennon-McCartney, 1965


This classic Beatles lyric still resonates with Robert Mellman. It is at the forefront of his mind whenever he discusses the process of mediation.  It represents his approach to problem-solving; a kind of mission statement for the mediation process. “Fussing and fighting” does not need to be the defining feature of a divorce. Mellman Mediation and the Law Office of Robert B. Mellman is here to offer your family a different approach.

Robert Mellman has over 30 years of working with couples and families in a variety of legal capacities. He knows that the life of a family takes many twists and turns. From helping to buy or sell houses to drafting wills, guardianship papers and other estate-planning documents to representing children who have been charged with drug or alcohol offenses, The Law Offices of Robert B. Mellman have helped our clients navigate these tricky terrains. The decision to divorce is another one of these twists and turns.  As an experienced mediator, Robert Mellman helps couples navigate the uncharted terrain ahead with a collaborative approach. Whatever ways life’s path takes you, “we can work it out.”

When a marriage ends, life will go on.  How do YOU want to begin that new portion of your life? A marriage that ends peaceably and respectfully through the process of mediation allows you to go forward from a position of calm, healing and respect. Let us help you pave the way to your new beginning.


Robert Mellman received his B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, MO and his J.D. from Case Western Reserve University Law School. He is a Member of the New Jersey Bar, and United States District Court for New Jersey.  Robert is a Professional Mediator in East Orange Municipal Court and other municipal courts in Essex County, NJ as well as a member of the New Jersey Professional Mediators Association.


Outside of work, Robert is a musician who performs solo and with bands. His compositions and guitar-playing have been heard on National Public Radio and in commercials. When not taking the stage and performing, he is giving guitar lessons to others. Bob is also an avid cyclist.  


Robert has been married to Janice for 32 years. Artistic pursuits definitely run in the Mellman Family. Janice is a painter, public school art teacher, and an instructor at the Montclair Art Museum.  They have two adult sons who are also musicians. Their older son is a music teacher in Montclair Public School system and their younger son is a music teacher at the Bank Street Elementary School.


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