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"Bob Mellman was my attorney for the closing on the sale of the house.  Not only is selling a house a major financial transaction, it also a major life event filled with emotions.  Bob was both legally skilled and perceptive about both parts of the transaction. During the times my emotions were taking over between contract and closing,  Bob professionally led me to focus on the issues at hand to complete the transaction without minimizing the emotional side of the transaction.  It was a pleasure to have someone who looked at the full picture and successfully lead me to my goal of selling my house."

Tina E.  Bloomfield, NJ

Real Estate Transactions

Robert Mellman has represented hundreds of satisfied clients in the purchase or sale of homes and other real estate.  Whichever side of the transaction he is representing, Robert Mellman takes care of the essentials:

  • Negotiating the contract 

  • Evaluating the structural inspection

  • Reviewing the title search

  • Making sure that the title to the property is conveyed and received and free and clear of any liens.


Robert Mellman works professionally, cordially and calmly with clients, realtors and other attorneys throughout the period between contract signing and the delivery of the deed.  He is always available by phone or by text message to address client concerns.

Traffic Violations/Municipal Court Hearings

Robert Mellman offers legal representation for matters heard in municipal courts in northern and central New Jersey.

A traffic ticket may be your only encounter with the court system.  Without a lawyer representing you, the court system can be confusing and intimidating.  For some offenses, such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs), Leaving the scene of an accident, or Reckless Driving, the penalties can be severe, if not vigorously defended.  Even less severe offenses can subject you to fines and points on your license- which can result in increased insurance rates.  Robert Mellman can often help to reduce your exposure to fines and points, or even the loss of your driver's license, by negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecutor.

Minor drug offenses, such as possession of marijuana, are also heard in municipal court. Robert Mellman has helped many clients get such charges against them dismissed.

Estate Planning

Your Last Will and Testament speaks for you after your death.  A will, properly prepared, signed, and witnessed, is a vital estate planning document. It is the best way to ensure that your voice is heard and that all of your careful planning is realized after your death. 

When you and your spouse meet with Robert Mellman, he will explain the role of the executors, trustees, and guardians, and will advise you about different ways of bequeathing your assets to children, family, and charities so that you can make the best choices for your family.
Robert  Mellman can assist also you with the preparation of Durable Powers of Attorney and with Advance Medical Directives (Living Wills).

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