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Best Divorce Mediator in NJ

A Collaborative


If you are looking for a more participatory and cooperative approach to the dissolution of your marriage, The RBM Mediation Center at The Law Offices of Robert B. Mellman can help. We work with couples who are seeking to divorce amicably, through a healthy mediation process that reflects mutual respect and the honoring of complex relationships.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured, collaborative process where a neutral third party [a mediator] assists disputing parties in resolving conflict. Through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques, participants in mediation are encouraged to actively engage with and guide the process towards mutual resolution

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is...

  • A court-approved, cost-effective process for divorcing couples that promotes cooperation

  • A conversation that goes beyond the “winner-loser” outcome of a confrontational dispute

  • Enables people, with the guidance of an experienced, neutral mediator, to negotiate, compromise and problem-solve to achieve the closure they need to move on to their next chapter in life

  • A thoughtful way for a divorcing couple to achieve both their individual goals and best address the needs of the family,

       in the living room, NOT the courtroom


The  goal of mediation is to facilitate discussions and resolve disputes related to the issues divorcing couples typically face,

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Montclair, New Jersey 

"Bob has a knack for getting to what the real issues are and how they affect the parties. Once there, he very effectively moves a dispute toward resolution in a way that leaves those involved feeling heard, validated and satisfied. "


Ken C.

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